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Teeth whitening in Columbus

Columbus dental office
Columbus dental office

Everyday foods and drinks, smoking, medication, and even the process of getting older are all contributing factors to your teeth becoming stained, discolored, or dull. At the office of Portia J. Bell DDS, you can avail yourself of our teeth whitening treatments and restore the type of smile you are proud of.

There are more ways to get whiter teeth than most people are aware of, but they’re not all equally good. In addition to what you can get here at our Columbus dental office, there are shelves filled with whitening products at most drug stores and supermarkets. There are two things you should know about them, though: first, they may contain abrasive ingredients, causing enamel damage. And second, the majority of them provide you with only marginal results. They are generally better suited to maintenance than they are to dramatically changing your tooth color. We are pleased to perform teeth whitening at our Columbus dental office, which only takes an hour or less. You can also take advantage of our take-home method. And because we know that many of our patients have an ongoing need for this treatment, ask us about StayBrite, our lifelong whitening program. Whitening is a chemical process, in which bleaching gel or another agent is applied to your teeth, either directly by our cosmetic dentist, or through the custom-made trays you wear at home. The bleaching agent is activated and destroys stains that have marred the natural whiteness of your teeth. How long can you expect the results to last? At least for a year, and maybe up to several, depending on how you take care of them and your personal habits. If you engage in tobacco use or daily coffee or tea drinking, just for two examples, you will likely require re-treatment more quickly.

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