Columbus Root Canal

Columbus Root Canal

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Root Canal Therapy in Columbus

At the practice of Portia J. Bell DDS, our Columbus root canal is the treatment that allows you to get relief for a bad toothache and avoid losing the tooth to an extraction. If you’re nervous about it, we understand, but we can also assure you that this non-surgical treatment is a comfortable one for which the affected area is numbed with local anesthesia beforehand. And if you would like, we do also offer oral conscious sedation, so you can stay at ease and relaxed, but still awake and breathing on your own.

The most common sign that you may need our Columbus root canal is a toothache. Typically, this will be most noticeable when you chew food or put any pressure on the tooth. This pain is the result of an infection inside your tooth, itself caused by a breach in the protective layers of your tooth. A large enough cavity, loose or lost filling, or chipped or fractured tooth provides that path for bacteria to make it inside where your delicate pulp is. Right next to the pulp is the nerve. In addition to pain, it is normal to experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks. You might also have gum tenderness and/or tooth discoloration. Our Columbus root canal is done by removal of the pulp and nerve, followed by the cleaning and disinfecting of the canal or canals (some teeth have multiple canals). The canals are then sealed off as a preventive measure against future infection. With the addition of a dental crown (done after healing), the tooth will be restored to full size and function, with a degree of strength and longevity similar to any other tooth.

The success rate for the treatment is about 90%, though the chances of a good outcome are greater the sooner you get our Columbus root canal. At the first sign of any of the listed symptoms, do contact us immediately for an appointment.

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